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When was the last time you sat down to read a book? Or finish a conversation with a girlfriend without the kids demanding your attention? Or get a full nights sleep and even better a sleep in?

At Mums Getaways we know you love your kids but we also know you need to take care of yourself to be able to take care of them.


Excuses for a Girls Getaway

  • Post HSC get together- yes it was exhausting
  • Mums Groups Catch Up - Discover you all have the same issues and make them feel smaller
  • I just need sleep - no explanation required
  • I haven’t seen my girlfriends in months/years
  • To husband: You go away all the time, it’s my turn
  • I want to know what it feels like to have Butler Service (not disimilar to the service your kids get from you by the way - they fill and empty the dishwasher for a start!)
  • It’s my birthday/my friends birthday
  • Do I really need an excuse ? Don’t I just deserve this?
From the moment you set foot on the property till the end it’s perfect in every way. The relaxing essential oils oozing throughout the house just makes you stop and breath. We came with excitement and left with expectations exceeded. Filled with hilarious moments and some solid conversation we had the BEST time, the most relaxing weekend EVER.
When it came time to leave, we’ll admit we almost shed a tear. Our relaxing girly time had come to an end too soon. One of us said, ‘We all need a Jim in our lives,’ and we heartily agreed. Could we cope with life after our butler Jim? It seems we can – just. Sigh. But we’re already thinking, planning our next girls’ escape to the Lavender Majestic.
The Lavender Majestic is the kind of place and BMGG the kind of experience that mothers, brides looking for a hen’s night venue, old friends from across the country meeting for a reunion or those celebrating a milestone anniversary dream of. It’s a truly restorative getaway that’ll leave every visitor with beautiful memories, closer friendships and perhaps a better perspective on what truly matters in life.


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